Grande Labs, Inc.
Grande Labs is a technology company located in New York City. We seek out simple, important human behaviors and develop solutions that help to make the world more interesting. We are currently focused on mobile applications.
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David DeRemer is the CEO of Grande Labs. A former Associate Strategy Director at frog design, he helps guide Grande Labs' strategy. David is also a skilled developer using Javascript and node.js to build server-side applications.


Roger Wong is Grande Labs' creative and product lead. With years of experience in visual and print design, Roger is a master at understanding what people want and designing the ideal experience for them. He gives ideas life.


Luke Freeman leads technology at Grande Labs. An insanely skilled iOS and Ruby developer, Luke can make any technology bend to his will. He likes to push the envelope and write exciting code, yet he works tirelessly to ensure our services stay afloat at all times.

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The PasteAPI is the technology behind Dish Freely and other soon-to-come apps. It allows developers to create experiences for users that are based on items@places. Developer access is coming soon!